Top Road Trip Games for the Whole Family

As you head out on summer vacation, it’s time to spend with friends and family. As you drive along to visit the grandparents or see the sights, take some time to plan games and activities to keep the kiddos occupied and excited. Road trip games have long been a favorite of families across the country as they take their summer trips. Here are a few you can try this summer with your family. Some of these may be familiar to you if you took trips as a kid yourself.

I Spy: One person picks something and says, “I spy with my little eye…” and gives a clue. Everyone else in the car takes a turn guessing what it is. It could be a cow, another car or even something in your own car!

Road Trip Bingo: Print out a road trip bingo card you find online, or create your own with things you think you’ll see along the way. Each time someone spots one, they get to mark off their card. First person with a straight line wins — or make it tricky and first completed card wins!

License Plate Game:  Have everyone work together to spots license plates from every single state along your trip! If you’re crossing state lines multiple times, it should be easy. If you’re staying closer to home, see how many states you can get!

20 Questions: Think of a person, place or thing. Everyone can take turns asking yes or no questions in order to guess what you’re thinking of. After each question, the asker can guess what they think it is. First person to guess correctly goes next. Make it trip specific, so people you’ll see, places you’ll go or things you’ll do there!

Connect the Dots: Climb in the back and play connect the dots with. Every player can have a different colored pencil or pen to make it more fun and colorful.

Hangman: Remember this game? Draw underscores for each letter in a word and let the other person guess what it is, one letter at a time. Each wrong letter gets a new part of the hangman drawn.

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