Top Beach Games for Lazy Summer Afternoons

Whether the beach you spend your summers at is at the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or some river or lake in between, it can be a great way to laze away an afternoon. Especially when the weather is warm and sunny, with a slight breeze off the water, the beach is often a favorite spot for many families. Be competitive, make up your own rules and set a “winner buys snacks” prize as you get ready to spend summertime days on the beach. Here are some top games and activities you can do when you take breaks in your swimming, reading, napping beach day routines.

Sandcastle competition: Get a few buckets, or just use your hands. No matter how your group decides to build a sandcastle, it’s sure to be a fun time with friendly competition. Make the biggest or tallest castle, or go for the most elaborate. If you can’t decide on the winner, a nearby beachgoer may be willing to help make that final judgement.

Volleyball: Whether or not you have a volleyball net, you can still play a game as long as you have a ball. Draw some boundaries in the sand and divide up your teams on two halves of the “court.” Set a time limit, a score limit or play by the traditional rules.

Relay race: There are so many ways you can do a relay race at the beach. Use a bucket to race back and forth to the water; run and gather seashells; race through or around your sandcastles you created during the competition. Set your own rules here to make it fun for your group!

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts: Create a list of things everyone needs to find (certain shells, sand dollars, etc. – but leave the critters and creatures alone. If you want to include them, take photos of them as part of the competition). Then race to see who can collect them the fastest. Large group? Create teams!

Sand drawings: Using your hands or sticks, see who can create the most artistic sand drawing. These can make for fun Instagram posts later too, as you take photos of everyone with their creation.

Spikeball: A surge in popularity has made it so you can get Spikeball at many stores. This game is great for people with a ton of energy to burn and a competitive spirit. Teams battle with the ball and trampoline net as people dive back and forth to keep the ball in play.

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