5 Fun Tips to Stick with a Workout Routine

If you have never really gotten into working out – or you’ve just never been able to be consistent and stick with it – you aren’t alone. You’ve read all about the benefits of working out, and all the tips to get started. But sometimes, that just isn’t working for you. Even if you know how to start and why you should, getting up early or stopping on the way home from a long day at work is just not appealing. With a busy life, fitting in a solid, consistent workout schedule can be tricky. That’s why we have these five tips that can make working out more fun, so you will want to stick to your routine. 

1. Try everything.The problem may be that you’ve never found the right workout, the one you love to get out and do. Try everything from swimming to running to jazzercise to kayaking. You’re bound to like something that can help you get started on a healthier lifestyle. 

2. Sign up for something.Whether that’s a class or a race, having something on the schedule will give you dedicated time to do it, and something to work towards. Paying money for something is often a big motivator for people to actually follow through on their workout. 

3. Grab a friend.Just like many things in life, workouts are just more fun with a friend. Sometimes a friend is even necessary, like for a quick tennis match or 1-v-1 basketball game at the park. Join a gym with friends, or meet up for a walk once a week. 

4. Listen to something.Download some new music. Make a new playlist. Get a new audiobook. Find a new podcast to binge. Having something to listen to can make you more excited to work out, and it can make the time go by faster. Before you know it, an hour will be over – and maybe that audiobook will be, too. 

5. Set some goals.They don’t have to be related to weight loss or even lifting weights. You could decide you want to run for five minutes straight, without walking. You could decide you want to do five pull-ups, unassisted. You could decide you want to plan a huge hiking trip to the Grand Canyon. You could decide you want to do a kayak camping trip. Set some fun, realistic goals that you can work toward – because your workouts should be fun.

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