Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Your home is your refuge from the stresses of the world. You relax, spend time with loved ones, plan your weekends and your vacations, host parties and holiday get-togethers and maybe even work in your home. But have you ever realized that your backyard is an extension of your home? You can create an outdoor living space for you to continue relaxing in, or one to participate in your favorite (or maybe even new) hobbies.


What do you and your family like to do? If you like to host gatherings, maybe consider a lot of seating available for all your guests. If your child is the next soccer star, maybe you should put a goal in the corner for some additional at-home practice or family pick-up games. If you’re a grill master, a built-in outdoor kitchen might make sense for you. If you’re a gardener, some raised planter beds could be the center piece. If you have furry family members, consider some open spaces for them to run and play.

Everyone’s backyard is unique because their needs, wants and hobbies vary. While you brainstorm and scour Pinterest for backyard ideas, keep your list of wants and needs in mind (much like you did when house-shopping!).


After you have an idea of what types of items you may like, it’s time to design! There’s a couple ways to go about this step. You can completely do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to design (and build) your backyard oasis. Or you may want to consider a combination of the two.

As you design it, sketch out what you may want where. Make a list of plants you can use and start looking at patio furniture that fits your desired look. Design your yard around a few key elements so you don’t overwhelm the space (think about that kitchen or mini soccer field you brainstormed earlier, or maybe a fire pit). If you need space to store all your outdoor toys, then consider a shed along the side yard.


You’re ready to start purchasing and building your space! Create the kitchen, or just a simple grilling space, you want. Build the planter beds, or purchase some that you love. Buy and set up your patio furniture to relax in on the weekends and during evenings. Plant your garden or shrubs and flowers. Don’t forget the lighting, birdhouses, bird feeders and any other finishing touches you want!

Create a space that is yours for you and your family to enjoy.

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