5 Ways to Decorate for Fall

Fall is right around the corner — literally when you look at the calendar. The first day of autumn is September 23. With the season change comes the desire for many to decorate their home with fall colors, pumpkins and warm, cozy blankets. Here are five ways you can make sure your Florida home is decorated for fall, creating a welcoming environment for your family and your guests.

1. Leaves and foliage

Fall leaves are often a tell-tale time of seasons changing and weather cooling off. You can use fall leaves and branches both inside and outside to decorate your home. Entryways, patios, living rooms and bathrooms can all feature bowls, wreaths or vases of fall foliage. Make some DIY decor, or purchase some from your local stores.

2. Table and dining room area

Make or purchase a centerpiece of fall foliage, pumpkins, pine cones or other small items that remind you of the season. You can even purchase live flowers or ferns, as well as candles or scented items to create a full autumn experience at your dining room table.

3. Throw pillows and blankets

As seasons change and there’s a chill in the air, you may want to add cozy blankets or decorative pillows that are themed or in fall colors. You can find Halloween or Thanksgiving specific items, or just find some in warm, autumn colors to create that warm, cozy environment for guests or just yourself. What better way to have a warm, inviting area to curl up after a long day at work or school?

4. Pumpkins

Paintings, wall decor, fake pumpkins or even real, home-carved jack-o-lanterns all feel like fall to many people. Find some that you love — or create your own. You can purchase pumpkins to decorate at your local craft store, or find some you love at a home goods store. There may even be some in non-traditional colors you can choose from to fit your unique tastes and home decor theme.

5. Candles

Candles add warmth and coziness to just about any room, and with fall scents like leaves, berries, pumpkin spice and cinnamon, you can create a space that feels just like fall — even if it doesn’t feel that way outside yet.

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