5 Tips for Home Upgrades and Renovations

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home in the new year, or if you just want to update the home you’re living in, now is a great time to start planning for and working on those home upgrades or renovations. Here are five easy tips to help you tackle the home upgrades more efficiently and see a greater reward. 

Start Small

As you start on your home project list, start small to avoid getting overwhelmed. If you pick something too large, you may be tempted to stop halfway through your project, and that’s never a good feeling. Some smaller projects can include cleaning the gutters, repainting a room or upgrading the house number on the front of your home. Once you’ve checked off one small project, you’ll feel inspired to keep going.


The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the clutter in your home, as you decorate, remove decorations and make room for new items. Put away or get rid of anything that isn’t regularly used.


The easiest way to check off some of those home improvement projects is to get organized everywhere. To help complete “decluttering” consider closet or garage renovation. To update and upgrade your storage situation, change the shelving or storage bins. Label the boxes so you know what is in them. Reorganize and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Buy new bins if needed to have even more storage, or hang a new rod for jackets or add a new shoe rack for the growing collection of running/hiking/work shoes.

Make It Efficient

Perhaps the biggest money saving project to tackle is to upgrade the energy efficiency. Start small, again, by swapping out light bulbs and water-efficient showerheads or faucets, and then move on to bigger projects like a smart irrigation system renovation and installing energy efficient home appliances and toilets. Some areas offer rebates or incentives for making energy efficient home improvements.

Replace Décor

A simple way to make the place feel like new is to change up the pictures, paintings and wall hangings. You can also move the furniture around, or swap out knick-knacks sitting on shelves, tables or dressers.

Once you’ve tackled a smaller project, it’ll be easier to move on to things like adding a fresh coat of paint and other projects that will make you feel better and increase the value of your home.

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