Cute and Easy DIY Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations

As you open your home to loved ones for the holiday season, you may want to decorate (or enlist the kids’ help!) with some seasonal decorations. With cooler weather, it can be fun to stay cozy inside and create some homemade crafts and decorations. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Autumn Leave Jars: A simple one for the whole family! Grab some empty mason jars, some leaves (you can get real ones or fake ones), mod podge and a sponge brush if you don’t want to use your hands. Apply the leaves to the jars using the mod podge, wrap some ribbon around if you choose and put a tea candle inside (again, real or fake works here).

Doily Garland: You can make this one look like whatever you want but some ideas to start with are paper doilies, acrylic paint, glitter or glitter glue, felt leaves (or a leave paper punch and some fun seasonal papers), ribbon, etc. Decorate the doilies and string them up on the ribbon. Find a tutorial here.

Painted Jars: With acrylic paint, you can paint leaves, messages (like grateful, thankful, family, etc.) onto mason jars and use them as centerpieces with flowers or greenery arrangements.

Jar Lid Pumpkins: With the rings from mason jar lids, you can create your own decorative pumpkins! String a bunch of jar lids together (they can be silver, gold or a mixture!) and tie it tightly so they bunch up. Add cinnamon sticks for the stem and burlap leaves if you choose. Here’s a tutorial if you would like to see what this might look like.

Thankful Tree: Use a bare tree decoration as a base for this, and cut out leaves from construction paper (of all different colors, or choose a theme). Let the kids or all attendees write what they are thankful for this year on a leaf and hang it on the tree.

Fall Leaf Candles: You’ll need fake leaves, candles, burlap ribbon and twine. Using the twine, tie the fake leaves and burlap ribbon (overlapping each other) around the candles. Set them on a tray or plate, and use it as a centerpiece for your holiday table, or set it in an area where everyone will gather after the meal.

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