Our candidate on-boarding program is rigorous, with a very high attrition rate. It's designed to ensure that candidates have chosen the right position with the right team. Agent behaviors, systems, CRMs and tracking are all part of our candidate on-boarding program.


The part they forgot to mention in licensing school was that out of the gate Real Estate Agents start from scratch. They are the salesman, the administrator, the receptionist, and the bookkeeper. - Our team streamlines agent activities to their top 20% of money making activities. So you can focus on what you're good at, and what earns you the most money for your time.


TEG Network provides PPC, Cold Call ISAs, Vulcan 7 Expired and FSBO Leads, Event Marketing (ISA & Digital) and Sphere Marketing (Direct Mail and Digital) to our agent partners. Our lead programs are released to agent partners at various stages throughout the candidate on-boarding program. Want to spend your time making Facebook ads? OR helping customers buy or sell homes?


Like shiny systems? We do to. We've spent thousands of dollars testing the best dialers, CRMs, Direct mail programs and more in order to put together a network of scaleable, functional systems for our team. Our agent partners are ready to LAUNCH - Day 1.

Partnering Philosophy

The TEG Network strives to be the best and we like to model our candidate on-boarding program and our team like the best military unit in the world; Navy SEALs. Not everyone will make it. Not everyone will think it’s ‘worth’ it. Our biggest strength is the team. We understand that real estate is not life or death like the SEALs but our team members’ careers and livelihoods are on the line. If we have one bad member or leader, the whole team can be compromised. Our commitment to getting that right through strict adherence to standards is paramount. An analogy: The SEALs are required to swim 500 yards in a minimum standard of 12:30. That is the equivalent of our 6 units per Quarter. For a decent swimmer, it’s not hard at all, but it is a minimum. You can recommend a certain number of strokes in a swim, but it’s not required. Strokes per swim are similar to contacts per day. Our candidate on-boarding program and standards are tweaked and made harder every quarter. It is designed to not let everyone into our organization. It is designed to find those committed to their own success AND the success of TEG Network.

Why join this team? (Or any team)


Joining the right team can provide massive leverage for high producers or those on that trajectory. Hiring staff, testing and putting together systems, testing lead generation sources can take years to build out and hone in. We know, we’re always tweaking and adapting to provide the best leverage for our Agent Partners and our customers. Leverage seems to be a ‘novelty’ in real estate and almost every other industry has it. It’s rare that a Doctor or the Car Mechanic is also processing your payment and paperwork.


The right team is motivating and leads to success. If ‘you are the sum of the people around you’, surrounding yourself with high achievers will turn less desirable behaviors into high achieving ones. Camaraderie, culture and the success of the ‘team’ is important to team players. Our selection and candidate on-boarding program includes time for ‘culture fit evaluation’. A high talent non-culture fit could be a disaster for both the Agent Partner and TEG Network. Smart. Hungry. Humble.

Launch Faster

Newer Agent? For newer agents, teams provide a lot of ‘launch’ support. Even in our program if a candidate doesn’t pass the program- they’ve been exposed to systems, routines and behaviors that can help them produce on their own at their own pace. Sometimes just having someone on speed dial to help with a contract can reduce tons of anxiety. Creating more opportunities gives you more swings and more chances to perfect your skills. Get the tools, to get more swings and get there faster.

Growth Opportunity

The traditional team model silos agents into buyer or seller roles. Ever hear 'Stay in your lane' ? Yeah, we're not about that. Our team's success has been built by willing to fail faster and more often than others and create more opportunity from that. Upward movement in our world comes in the form of building a team within the team, launching a new market as a location leader, becoming a regional owner and more. If we didn't want to offer BIG, we would've stayed as a local traditional team. Our team wanted more.

Ready to Commit?